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Is Unity In the U.S. an Illusion?

In my opinion, the short answer is yes and no!

The U.S. had great national unity when we needed it desperately, at our founding, World War II, the landing on the moon and 9/11. However, for long stretches we were far from united – the Civil War, Civil Rights, the war in Vietnam, Right to Life, and the war in Iraq, the last four years and today.

Why is unity so difficult in a nation where we have so many freedoms? Because we have people who’s highest allegiance is to God and a biblical worldview and others who do not. That’s why lasting unity is an illusion for true Christians living in what has become in America, a secular culture. But civility is possible.

For simplicity, let’s narrow the discussion down to Congress. For most of U.S. history, if you were a true Christian, Republican or Democrat, you understood the following was your priority of allegiances:

  • I am a citizen of the kingdom – God and the Bible governs all my moral choices.

  • I am a citizen of the U.S. –upholding the constitution, our civic life and laws are my responsibility.

  • I am elected to represent the people of my state or district.

  • I am a Republican, or Democrat.

However, in my opinion, for too many in Congress and those who elect them, their allegiance to political party appears to now be their highest allegiance. The hierarchy of allegiance, at least in public, appears to be inverted. Having said that, I have no way of knowing the heart of any individual Congressperson. But from their voting record, there is clearly almost no thing as bi-partisanship anymore. Party loyalty and unity appears to trump citizenship and by the anger and misleading statements made by so many that claim to be Christians, I’m disappointed and confused.

Where are the Americans so loyal to their country, who freed millions enslaved by Hitler, that they willingly enlisted and died in far off countries to free perfect strangers? A true patriot and Christian is willing to lose his/her life or career, for the sake of others – for the common good. Today, most Congressmen won’t risk their jobs.

So, how does a citizen of the Kingdom go about being a more effective citizen of this great country?

1. Vote for political candidates based on their character and competency, not based on their party. 2. Support good ideas and legislation, no matter the party who proposes them. 3. Following the “Golden Rule,” encourage legislation based on if you were the person in need. 4. Speak out when fellow Christians appear to champion unkind, or selfish political figures. 5. Pray for Holy Spirit wisdom to be good citizens of both kingdoms.

“Love your neighbor“, Democrat, Republican, conservative, or liberal.

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