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Why Accountability?

To whom you are accountable spiritually?

Of course, we’re accountable to God and most Christians have a Bible study group or Christian friends we hang out with. But, I’m talking about something completely different. Do you have a flesh and blood person to whom you’ve made yourself accountable – someone who you’ve empowered to ask you the tough questions that will inspire you to live out the mission God has prepared for you in this life?

I do! I have five men, and my wife has four women who are committed to helping each of us grow spiritually, relationally, emotionally and even physically. These are the men who watch my life and my back. They pray for me, encourage me when I need it, and speak truth to me even when I’d prefer not to hear it. They’re my accountability partners, my friends, and my brothers in Christ.

For almost 20 years, I’ve personally helped hundreds of men and women begin accountability groups. In this easy to follow guide, I lead you through all of the steps you’ll want to take to make these groups into one of the most important elements to your personal and spiritual growth you’ll ever have!

We’ll cover everything from:
- How do you choose good accountability partners?
- What do accountability groups do?
- How do they organize themselves?
- How often do they meet and where?
- What are some potential pitfalls and how can I avoid them?
- What are the long and short term benefits?

This guide is essentially a map for you and your potential accountability partners to follow to begin to develop relationships so deep and rich, your only regret will be having not done this years ago.

So, if you’ve ever thought about accountability groups, but just didn’t know how to begin – your excuse is over. Why not purchase a copy for yourself today? 

Download a copy right now for only $9.95ea, or order full-color sets, without a binder for just $16.95ea. available HERE.

Accountability: Partners and Groups by Clare DeGraaf

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