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The Bible in Ten Minutes

When I first came to faith 40 years ago, almost all the non-Christians I met knew something about the Bible and the gospel. Most had grown up attending church and Sunday School, but many had walked away from the Church and often from faith. They knew many stories and the general storyline of the Bible and the gospel but either rejected it, or were indifferent to it. So when I began introducing men to Jesus most understood what I was telling them, even they disagreed.

But the majority of the men I meet with today rarely went to church, at least a Bible-believing church. They know very little about the storyline of the Bible. So, in order to introduce them to Jesus I found I needed to start back in Genesis to explain the origins and consequences of sin. I know this to be true; There’s no need for a Savior if you don’t believe you have a problem with sin! The second thing I want men to know is that God has a plan to rescue us from sin to enable us to partner with him in both the current and future Kingdom of God.

Therefore a dozen years ago, I tried to summarized the Bible into an ten minute read to help the men I work with grasp this Grand Story of God. You mIght find it helpful with your family and friends who aren’t Christians. Perhaps your own grandchilden have not grown up reading the Bible. Consider asking them to read God’s Story, before Thanksgiving, then gather them together to discuss it instead of, or after football. I’ve done that and I was surprised to see their interest. See what you think. Read it HERE.

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