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Ten Ways To Love Your Children

A Father’s gift to his children

Last week a godly guy I really respect told me about a gift he gave his children years ago at the close of Father’s Day.  He gathered his children together and asked them this courageous question, “Have I ever broken a promise I once made to you?”

He told them to think about it for a day or so then he’d meet with them and ask them for their answer.  He then met with each one separately.  To his surprise all of his children remembered a promise or promises not kept by him.  He was resolved not to argue or attempt to explain away his failure.  He just listened.  Then simply and tearfully he asked each one for their forgiveness.  In one case, he was still able to fulfill the promise, so he did.  It was his Father’s Day gift to his children and to his God.

Ten ways to love your children

Fathers, you will be challenged by this piece written by Pat Morley. Pat was a very successful commercial realtor in Orlando, Florida before he felt called to give that field up and serve God by serving men.  More than 20 years ago, I was greatly influenced by his book, The Man in the Mirror. Pat has great practical wisdom and when I saw this article on his website, I thought on this Father’s Day weekend I should share it with you.

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Following Jesus in Real Life

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