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Spiritual Mentoring Tip #2

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#2 Ask your mentor lots of questions.

Your mentor is a wealth of knowledge and experience. But, sometimes you have to “unlock” the storehouse. Here are some great questions you might consider asking your mentor over the course of your relationship.

  1. What are some of the most important decisions you’ve made in your life?

  2. What are a few of the best decisions you’ve ever made?

  3. What are some of the worst decisions you’ve made?

  4. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for being a more godly husband or wife?

  5. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for being a more godly father or mother?

  6. How can I honor my parents better?

  7. What are some of the dangers or temptations I should be on the lookout for in the coming years?

  8. As you look back, is there anything you would do differently if you could return to my age?

  9. What advice would you offer about being a better Christ-follower?

  10. Is there anything you observe in my life that concerns you? Are there any blind spots in my life that you see?

  11. Are you aware of helpful resources I could benefit from? (Books, websites, audio resources, etc.)

  12. How do you handle temptation, stress, anger, or any other issues when you’ve failed?

  13. What did you do, or wish you would have done, to help your children grow spiritually?

  14. Do you pray or read the Bible with your wife?

  15. How do you and your spouse resolve disagreements?

Clare De Graaf

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