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Reproductive Rights

Ever since Roe vs Wade was ruled unconstitutional I’ve been hearing those who are outraged by it demanding reproductive rights. But what does that term actually mean? Who has those rights? The mother, the father, the child? And can one lose any of those rights?

Of course people should have the right to reproduce. I can’t imagine too many people objecting to that. As far as I know anyone can have consensual sex with anyone who is not a minor and can reproduce life. While it’s still illegal in some states to commit adultery, or to have sex if you are not married, I doubt if anyone has been prosecuted for decades for doing so. So, while I have moral objections to having sex outside of marriage, I’m not aware of any law prohibiting the right to reproduce.

However, the moment two people agree to have consensual sex which results in a pregnancy which is the reproduction of life, now three people are involved the mother, the father, and the child. All now have a stake in the outcome and all now have certain rights. How anyone is able to say only the woman has the right to decide what will happen to this child simply because this baby currently lives in her is not a Christian worldview. At the point the biological father and mother who voluntarily chose to reproduce, or were careless, find out they are pregnant, they may not unilaterally choose to unreproduce. Abortion isn’t reproduction. It’s actually unreproduction. You are terminating a child you reproduced. The mother and father can speak for themselves, but then who speaks for the unborn child? In my worldview God has the final word, and at least for now the law in some states grants rights those rights to the unborn child.

In most states, it is against the law to kill yourself, even if you are an older adult, or terminally I’ll and want to end your life. The law says you don’t even have the right to kill yourself, much less an unborn child.

Here’s a surprising fact that “Pro-Choice” people almost never talk about. No mother is required to keep their baby by law. Adoption is an option for any mother who does not want to raise their child in all 50 states. Yes, they will have to carry an unwanted child until it’s born, which will undoubted be inconvenient for their job, or education. However, if they do not want to keep their baby, the hospital will co-ordinate the adoption process through private and public agencies, and take the child at birth and even months later. The process is surprisingly simple, confidential and free. Source;

I find it interesting that when a woman championing “reproductive rights” is in the news, or in a movie, or TV program which leans liberal, gets pregnant and begins to show signs of that pregnancy, when asked when the baby is due, I’ve never one say, “No, no I’m not having a baby. This is only a fetus.” Of course they excitedly share the good news that they are having a baby. But if they chose abortion, the baby is a fetus. Why is that? I’m speculating that ending the life of a fetus is far easier on their conscience than thinking of them as a child.

Lest you think I’m being cold-hearted, I have great sympathy for women, single or married who find them pregnant and have to make a terrible choice. While some pro-life people characterize women who have abortions as irresponsible, selfish and careless with life, the reading I’ve done indicates many women who have abortions are not only sad, but afterward deeply regret it. I believe the reason they are is because all human’s were created in the image of God and these woman know intuitively it is unnatural and wrong for a mother to chose herself over her child.

Rick Warren, the Pastor of Saddleback Church was interviewed on Meet the Press a decade ago by David Gregory about his “anti-abortion” position. David asked Rick, “How is it that you or anyone can claim to know where life begins?” Rick responded with this wise observation, “David, you’re an incredible and intelligent man. I’m surprised you’d even ask that question. Every 16 year old boy with a condom in his wallet knows exactly when life begins!” And so does any mother.

To be honest, I’m less convinced of my arguments in the case of rape, or incest. My “fairness meter” sounds an alarm when through no fault of their own a woman is pregnant. Yet I can’t deny the fact that a life exists and who but God may end it?

A final but important thought; Here’s what disappoints me about some “pro-life” people. True christians should be as concerned for a child the moment they are born as they were when they were in the womb. Statistically we know that many children, through no fault of their own will be born to a mother ill-equipped to care for that child. Perhaps she’s a young single mother who can’t afford child care and can’t work if she doesn’t have child care. Taking the position that, “She should have thought about that before she got pregnant,” does not help that child at all. Christians who claim to be pro-life should be united to do whatever it costs to make sure that child has the chance to flourish, even if it means supporting its mother who may very well be irresponsible, with some assistance like quality, affordable healthcare for mothers who are willing to work.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ -Matthew 25:35, 36

When commanding us to care for the poor, the needy and the hungry Jesus makes no distinction between those who don’t deserve help and those who do. He instructs us to treat everyone as we would like to be treated. Personally, I have a natural tendency to “self-select” people into two camps, those who are “more deserving” and those who are “less deserving”. But I’m just not sure Jesus does!

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Dean L
Dean L

" A final but important thought; Here’s what disappoints me about some “pro-life” people. True christians should be as concerned for a child the moment they are born as they were when they were in the womb." This is an unfair characterization. First, far too many Christians do nothing for resisting the shedding of innocent blood. And Christians do the heavy lifting of helping with all image of God issues. But when we destroy the value of human life in the womb, we have laid the spiritual, philosophical and social foundations for all sorts of evil against all human life.

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