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Questions About The 10 Second Rule from Readers

Q “My wife had one of your 10 Second Rule impressions that we should help someone out financially in a small way. I didn’t think we needed to. So what do we do? Who decides when we disagree?”  Karl

A First, if the gift she was being impressed to give was so significant, that might really impact both of you, then you should pray about it together first: Perhaps you should even get good, godly counsel about how to do that wisely if you sense God moving you to do so.

But if it’s a relatively small amount of money, go with your wife’s impression and don’t quench the Holy Spirit speaking to her. If God is impressing her to generosity, error on the side of obedience. I’ve found it’s rare that both my wife and I get the same impression, at the same time. Therefore, my principle is that unless it’s a major decision, yield to the one to whom God appears to be speaking. Both God and she will love you for it.  Clare

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