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Q “My husband and I were in a movie recently and I had the impression to leave because of the profane language. He whispered, “Let’s stay. I think it will get better” and it did. But, it still bothered my conscience to stay, but it didn’t bother his. What should we have done?”  Julie

A  This is a great time for a pre-decision. What will you do as a couple next time? My wife and I have made this movie or TV, pre-decision; if either of us finds the content of a movie or program offensive, we defer to their conscience – no questions asked and no complaining.

Our decision comes out of I Cor. 8. There Paul says that if one person has no problem with eating meat sacrificial to idols, but another Christian does, then don’t violate their conscience by eating such meat in front of them. In other words, never tempt someone to violate their conscience, even if you feel the freedom to make a different choice.

So, if you’ve found yourself in this movie dilemma before with a spouse or good friend, it’s time for a 10 second rule pre-decision. Decide now how you’ll handle it differently.  Clare

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