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Q:   “Your book, The 10 Second Rule has changed my life, but I have a problem. I picked up a female hitchhiker last week in response to an impression from God. My grandson, who is eight, was in the car at the time. When I told my daughter about picking up the hitchhiker, she got very upset and told me never to do that again when I have her children in my car. But, if God tells me, what should I do?”  Mary

A:   I sympathize with your dilemma. However, your daughter is her child’s spiritual authority, along with her husband, appointed by God to make choices in her best interest. You did nothing wrong. You obeyed God and up to that point your daughter hadn’t prohibited you from picking up hitchhikers with your granddaughter in the car. However, now that your daughter has given you specific instructions, you have only two choices; honor your daughter’s wishes, or chose not to take your granddaughter.

Our adult children have, on occasion, given my wife and me instructions on childcare that we think is a bit over protective. We have the freedom to ask questions, to understand why, but not the freedom to override the wishes of the parents.

In my book, The 10 Second Rule, I tried to make it clear that while I’ve had many impressions I believe were from God, it’s probable that some weren’t. I personally don’t believe God would ask you to violate an authority structure he put in place, unless it was an extreme emergency like the life of the hitchhiker was in danger. You may find it helpful to read my blog of March 26, 2012 on the subject of authority.

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