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Q:   Do you advise praying for 10 second rule impressions or just letting them happen? Julie

A:   The answer is both. I do pray for God to give me “spiritual radar” for people to bless. I also ask the Holy Spirit to warn me of sin.

Years ago, I noticed that when I was thinking about getting a new car, all of a sudden I’d notice all the people driving cars like the one I wanted. Just my thinking about something, increased my awareness. So, it is with God.

I’ve found myself sitting down in airports or coffee shops and asking, “God is there anyone you want me to bless here?” Just asking the question, causes me to look around the room, noticing people, rather than checking my iPhone or reading the newspaper. About a third of the time I’ll notice a cheerful worker, or a parent very engaged with their children, to whom I can give a compliment or word of encouragement. I might not have noticed them had I not prayed first.


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