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Everyone is Gay!

Several weeks ago, I received a desperate call from our daughter at the public high school several of our grandchildren attend. All the students were shown a video that celebrated the “fact” that students shouldn’t think of themselves as strictly male or female, but somewhere on a spectrum. In other words, students are being taught that just because we are born with “girl parts” or “boy parts” we have the freedom to identify and act out sexually, according to the gender we feel, even from day to day – gender fluidity.

We tried to get a copy of that video, but the administration will not release it. However, a segment of that video was taken from this video “Everyone is Gay,” (  which has been viewed over 3,000,000 times. You need to watch this video, because it is creatively, and seductively causing children to both doubt their own sexuality, but it celebrates an indifference to the historical understanding of being male or female. After you’ve watched it, I’ll let you read my edited response to the school superintendent. (I’ve used fictional names).

I want to begin by praising efforts by the school system for programs like “Words Matter” which help students understand the power of words- to hurt, or heal. I fully support anti- bullying programs for all students regardless of their sex, race, religion, dress, physical or mental impairments, or gender orientation. Specifically, all LGBT+ kids should be respected, treated with kindness and accepted. So what I’m about to express has no roots in any personal homophobia.

I’m writing to voice my shock at the video that was shown to high school students at Eastern last week Thursday which I’ll just call “Everyone is Gay”

I also understand that “only 18 seconds” of the actual source video, “Everyone is Gay” was used, as if that softens the impact.  However, I have viewed that video on YouTube a number of times and I can’t find 18 consecutive seconds that are not only offensive, but untrue. And it’s fair to assume that having viewed, “only 18 seconds” of this video, a significant number of students, also found and viewed the entire original as I did, and assumed that it’s content had the blessing of the school, as no disclaimers were given.

Here’s why I find the video both offensive and untrue.  

To begin with, and to state the obvious, not everyone is gay! That’s not an opinion, nor is it a prejudicial statement. It’s simply a biological fact. A video entitled, “Everyone is Black” in an effort at racial reconciliation would be just as untrue, even if well intended. Since the makers of this video (this teacher), know that not everyone is actually gay, I can only assume the intent for repeating that statement in a catchy song, is to cause students to begin doubting their own sexuality and begin thinking, “Hey, maybe I am gay, or something other than what my parents taught me, or I even feel.” That’s about as helpful to parents and students as producing a video entitled, “Everyone is an Alcoholic.”

Second, this video is untrue because when it repeatedly says, “When you fall in the middle that’s the best place to be.” Really? I am unaware that the majority of psychiatrists and sociologists have come to the conclusion that the “best way to be,” the healthiest way to think of oneself, is to be confused about whether you are male or female.

I am fully aware and sympathetic that there are transgender, bi-sexual and asexual people who do “fall in the middle.” However, until just a few years ago the vast majority of students had no confusion at all about whether they were male or female, and I believe it is the conventional wisdom of mental health professionals that it serves no purpose to plant any doubt in their minds to the contrary. Can I prove that? I’m sure I could. But that’s missing the point. I’m confident 80% of parents in the school would agree with my statement, which is why you’re getting such a backlash from them. Therefore the burden of proof lies with (this teacher) to demonstrate why we’re wrong.

Please hear me out, I am not labeling trans, bi and asexual people, or even gays, as “less than.” They are not. They are simply different. But what this video clearly communicates, is that “being in the middle is the best place to be,” and therefore thinking of yourself as just a male or female is actually the new “less than” Ironically, the very bigotry you are wanting to root out against LGBT students, is being transferred to straight students who apparently are “less than” if they’re not in the middle!

Please note, I’ve not based any of my objections on religious, or moral grounds. I object on scientific, psychological and educational grounds. In my opinion no teacher should introduce impressionable students to revolutionary, potentially controversial, and perhaps wrong new ideas, that have not been vetted by experts in their fields, the administration, and certainly by the Parents Advisory Committee.

My daughter and other parents who objected to this video have already been labeled “religious bigots,” by other parents and students. (Please note, nothing in my response was “religious.”)

Every parent and grandparent needs to get on top of this gender identity/fluidity tsunami coming to your children’s public schools. In next week’s blog, I’ll dive into this topic of gender fluidity deeper and why it is so dangerous.

How following Jesus works in real life.

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