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A Thoughtful, Biblical Response to Same-Sex Attraction, Marriage and the Church

There is a tsunami coming at the evangelical church. It’s the gender-orientation and gay marriage debate. This is not a tsunami we can simply hunker down and ride out. To lose this issue is to lose the debate over the authority of scriptures to govern our lives. If a teaching so clear in both the New Testament and Old, prohibiting same-sex, sex is deemed dated and no longer applicable to us today, what else does the Bible teach that we longer have to obey – communion, discipline, marriage, divorce, pre-marital sex?

A friend sent this interview with a British pastor who has admitted that he has a same-sex attraction, but believes it’s a sin for him to act on it. It’s an honest discussion, framed biblically and sensitively. He also helps us understand what the church needs to do to encourage celibate gay Christians.

Following Jesus in Real Life

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