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marty said...

As a small group leader, it would be helpful to see how others have used their time in group to explore the book. I see your discussion questions at the end, but would also like to hear what / how others have been creative in their teaching.

Our group also likes to connect Bible scriptures to the lesson, and everyone wants a turn at reading. Would also like to see 6 or 8 verses connected with chapter.

Finally, I am sure you are aware there are many ways to teach. Would be helpful to see some adult learner activities; more than discussing the study questions. Tried to copy and paste the testimonials for case studies, but couldn’t. How about some?


Clare said...

Marty, thanks for your questions. There is a free download on my website entitled, “Doing the Rule For Churches” It has some ideas for leading a study as well as a sermon outline with additional scriptures and examples. But I’ve never written a “how to lead a small group study,” guide. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. I just thought the idea of The 10 Second Rule was simple enough that it kind of taught itself.


Michele said...

We began “the ten second rule for families” a few weeks ago. We did ok then we seemed to “forget” a bit…last night my husband and I were at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game with our two son’s age 14 and 12. Near the end of the game our 12 year old said he was going to fill our ” bottomless” tub of popcorn again so he could give it to a homeless person on our way to our car. He promptly ran up to the concessions, filled it and finished watching the game upon his return. After the game, we took the long way to our car looking for someone to give it to. We spotted 2 men sitting on a curb who appeared to fit the bill. My 12 year old suddenly became timid so his older brother took over and together they gave it to the men. The men reached for it and seemed incredibly grateful, saying Thank you over and over. “May God bless you”, my 12 year old told them and we marveled how gracious and thankful plus needy they were on our way to our car. At the car, my 15 year old asked if we had more water and we found 2 bottles plus granola bars. I walked them back to the men and both boys gave it to the men, this time being more talkative, telling them Jesus loves them; the men were so thankful and each one “dapped up” both of my boys.
We walked back to the car a second time marveling again how good it felt to give and that this is what Jesus calls us to do.
I felt so thankful for this simple book that has taught us this simple yet so important rule and that all of us – have begun the road that Jesus calls us to walk. It took a 12 year old boy to get it started in our family!
Thanks Clare for your book – i read it 4 weeks ago on vacation and it’s a wonderful eye opener in the most important of all ways!!!


Clare said...

Bless you for inspiring your children to be kind and generous!


David George said...

Just finished a four week class on Biblical finances at Grace Bible Church, Moore, South Carolina and incorporated the powerful reminders in this book! Thank-you Clare!


Clare said...

David, you were one of “The Rule”s” earliest champions. Thank you!


Ken Trudell said...

HI Clare, we met at the Focus group this past spring. I have decide to use your book for our discussions in a men’s group I lead down here in Sanibel. I was impressed with your take on life and your walk. Any insights as to how best to utilize the book would be helpful. If you recall I have a great friend and Pastor in GR or more specifically Rockford. Please pray that our group will find out what it might be that God had for us. We have already been hit on the heads by the Holy Spirit and have started a group to bring the word of God to a people group that have never heard the word Jesus in the Amazon. I will let you know how our group goes.


Clare said...

What an encouraging post Ken. Thank you.

It sounds like you’re using the book just as it was intended. Just let the Holy Spirit convict and correct. Bless you.


Tita said...

I just finished reading “The 10 Second Rule” I stumbled upon your book at good will and it was meant to be read by me today. I’ve been praying to God for assistance in making changes in my life and he handed me a guide today.

The other day going home from work there was a man with a sign asking for money. I had such a strong urge to do something; although I don’t like to give money for fear it will be used for drugs, etc. I found myself at Subway buying food and drinks. I went back to where the man was and told him I don’t like to give money but I thought he might be hungry. He said to me “thank you so much this really helps too”.

I knew it was God pushing me to act, and this was before I ever heard about the 10 second rule!!


Clare said...

Tita, I’m sure Jesus was pleased with your simple act of kindness. that’s exactly how The Rule works!


Hannah said...

I have a muslim friend who knows that I go to church, I went to meet her today to do some work for our studies, then as we were leaving she wanted me to walk to the bus stop with her, (I reluctantly went with her, it was a cold afternoon) she then asked me out of the blue how church was going, I was a bit taken a back as to what to say and thinking of all the things I could say to get off the subject quickly but I remembered the rule I finished the book yesterday so I thought what do I have to loose if this is a nudge, I was able to tell her about church and about baptism (I’m getting baptised in a couple of weeks). she was really interested in what I had to say and asked questions, something I have not really done before. I could not have done it without Jesus.
The book has been a great encouragement for me, thank you for writing it.


Clare said...

Hannah, thank you for your courage to be bold. You’ll find that if you continue to live by the Rule, that initial fear will begin to fade away, as you gain confidence in the Holy Spirit’s willingness to supply both the opportunities and the answers.


Dan Puuri said...

In September 2015, I bought a used utility trailer from a fella. He showed me a used trailer he bought and fixed up and he explained he was going to use that for a lawn mowing business he started. So we chatted for a bit about his startup business. I was about to leave and I got an urging, “Give him the screw driver set and allen wrench sets.” So I told him, “Hey I got a gift for you for your new business.” I went back to my truck and dug around to find the sets and quickly located the screw driver set. While digging around, I thought, “I’m going to keep the allen wrench sets as I am missing one wrench at home.” So I handed him the screw driver set and told him it was American made, you could put a wrench on it, you could pound it with a hammer, etc. I said, “this is the best set of screw drivers made in the world.” Then I got another urging, “Give him the allen wrench sets.” I felt a little guilty for wanting to keep them but I quickly thought that he probably had a complete set. To confirm, I asked him, “Do you any allen wrenches?” He replied, “I got a few here and there but not any complete sets.” I thought, “Ok God, I will give him the allen wrench sets.” So I said, “I got another gift for you.” I went back to my truck and found the sets; complete SAE and metric with ball ends. I gave him the sets and he was so thankful. He remarked, “they even have the ball ends.” I thought, “Yep, they are better than the ones I have at home.” So if you get an urging to help someone, just do it and be obedient.


Clare said...

Well done Dan! I think Jesus smiled.


Sandy Haga said...

Hi there, My name is Sandy Haga and I own a business in South Haven Michigan called, Transformations Art Barn. My Business is to help people find their gift and live in it, realizing that “Living in their Gifting”, will bring satisfaction to their life!! My husband introduced me to ‘The 10 second rule’ last year and I chose to put one of the ’10’ spheres up at my counter so that every time I encountered someone I was reminded of the Challenge!! I want to share one of the many instances, whereby using the 10 second rule principal, I was thrown into this wonderful conversation with a customer. I had been reading a book that was monumental in helping me grow spiritually and I had an extra copy of that same book. I have a habit of sharing books with people that have helped me in one way or another, so I decided, because of a “sensing or an impression” that I should give the book to a certain customer the following day… Which customer I gave it to I did not know, I wanted to leave it up to the Holy Spirits prompting, guiding, hitting me over the head with a baseball bat, if need be, you know!!! The next day came and I took the book out to the store and went on with a typical days work. Later in the day a woman came in and started talking with me and all of a sudden I felt like she was the one that should receive the book so I gave it to her. I shared with her that I felt someone would come in the store today that needed this book and she was the one!! I gave her the book we talked and laughed and shared stories and she left. Months later I got a card from her expressing her gratitude for receiving the book and for me taking the time to hear her story! We now are in the process of going from strangers to acquaintances to friends, all because of the 10 second rule!!! Thank you for following that ‘impression’ you received to write your book!! I am now in the process of reading it and gaining more understanding, so I can share it with more customers this summer!! Any chance I could buy some more of those spheres with the number 10 written on it?!!! I want to keep challenging others to stop being spectators in life and get into the game!!!
Thanks for your work and thanks for following God’s leading!!! I totally appreciate your book!!!
~Sandy Haga
Owner of Transformations Art Barn
Lover of God & His Giftings
Lover of Humans!!! 🙂

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Felam said...

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and the first time I hear about 10 seconds rule was from an overseas pastur who was invited to preach in our church

So he said about obedience of holy spirit was like a 10 seconds rule- after which we have the tendency to shrug it off and miss the opportunity alltogether- even if the prompting might not make sense. Right after church, I felt the nudge to buy my aunt a really big bouquet of lilies.
Which doesnt make sense to me since I am not fond of her- I like my mantain my distance with her
And plus- I feel its expensive since I just start working
And many other reasons came up

But I wanted to try out this 10 seconds rule and check if this is really from God

So I did purchase it before I changed my mind

When my aunt receive the flowers the very next day, she cried – saying no one has ever bought her such a nice bouquet of flowers in her 56 years life
And It made her feel loved and treasured
Even my big family are shocked about my generosity- and feel that something in me changed

To top it off, her only son who is usually ignorant- was moved by the act- and initiated to buy my aunt a mothers day bouquet of flower to honor her.
And she cried again, because she would have never expected it out of him

Its amazing how obeying 10 seconds rule can have such a huge impact and how God id using this small obedience to introduce them to the love of Jesus

I am addicted to be “obeserving” the nudge and 10 seconds to comply!


Clare said...

Felam, you have no idea how your story blessed my heart! Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, instead of your feelings. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Clare


Jean Clarkson said...

He was standing by the road again this morning, the homeless guy with his cardboard sign. Today, I was ready for him. I pulled off the road and rolled down the window. “I’ve bought you a doughnut!” I said, handing the paper wrapped treat to him. He smiled and thanked me. I told him I hoped he would find a job soon. “I will,” he told me. Pointing at his sign, he added, “This is not me; I’m a Christian and I want to work. This is my last day.” His grandmother had sent him money to get to her home in Tennesee and he knew he could find work down there. I asked his first name, told him, “I’ll be praying for you, Anthony!” and drove off with a happy heart.


Clare said...

Jean, bless you! God already had made provision for him in one part of his life, you were His provision, for today!


Brittany said...

I was in the grocery store the other day when I was checking out in the express lane. I watched as a mother with 4 young children was struggling with checking out and keep her kids from running off. I was just finishing up when I heard the mom tell the clerk that she had forgotten her wallet at home and will have to come back later. I went to her lane (even before my 10 seconds was up!) and offered to pay for her groceries.


Jill said...

I’ve had the opportunity to make a new friend in the neighborhood. I found out that she was on bed rest (for pregnancy) and brought her a meal. However, it wasn’t until after the baby was born that I found out that their refrigerator had died and they didn’t have the money to fix it. They didn’t have a way to keep food cold. I knew right away this was a my 10 second rule moment. My husband and I both said immediately we were going to give them money to get it fixed. I went to the bank that night and took out cash and delivered it to them. They were speechless… then so thankful. They had a working fridge the next day!


Clare said...

Jill, well done! Most if my 10 second rule impressions are just that simple. Thank you for being faithful.


Mia said...

So, today was my first attempt at the 10 second rule as I just finished the book yesterday :). As I was driving down the road talking with my 10 year old daughter we were talking about how she was planning to sit with her friend at church tonight. I got an overwhelming feeling that God wanted me to ask my parents to join us…, I have invited them many times, they are non church goers, and they have always said “no thank-you, not this time”. So I kind of dreaded calling them up and asking them because I knew what their response would be…. Well, this time I decided I better call now!!! So I did, and of course her response was “no thanks, not this time”. Well, then I said, ” that’s ok, I just had to call and ask you because I am trying to follow the 10 second rule” She says “well what is this 10 second rule?” So I did exactly what the book instructed me to do and told her, “basically I do what I feel God is asking/nudging me to do, and do it within the next 10 seconds so that I don’t talk myself out of it.. and this time I felt Him asking me to invite you to church tonight with us…..” She said, “Oh! Well, let us think about it and we will call you back”. Well, guess what happened a few hours later!!! She called me back to say that they are going to take us up on our 10 second offer and that she would really like a copy of the book too!!!!! Praise GOD!!!! I realize that this may be what turns her heart to Jesus, but I am just overjoyed that she and my Dad are going to be at church tonight …..


Clare said...

Mia, I’m so proud of you! More importantly, Jesus is as well. Why is it we’re so surprised when God answers?
If you’d like me to sign a free book for your parents, just email me their names and a mailing address for either you or them. My address is
Bless you!


Jeannine More said...

The ten second rule applies all the time! If you listen for that still, small voice and follow it you will be blessed. I had a prompting to stop in at a store. Of course the arguing began “I don’t even like that store, I don’t have time, I have to get home to make supper.” “Okay, okay, I’ll go in.” Blouses were on sale, very inexpensive, and my daughter had just been saying she needed a couple of blouses. So by being obedient I was able to get her 4 blouses in colors and styles she liked at a price far less than usual. Isn’t God good?


Clare said...

Jeannine, I think God is shocked sometimes that we’d think he has anything in store for us, other than blessing! often we’re like kids who refuse to open a gift because we’re afraid it’s going to hurt us. And all we do is hurt God, the “giver” and miss out all the blessings God wants to give us. Thanks.


Ona Amali said...

Okay here I was yesterday morning at my place of work and through the window I saw a really old man on a wheel chair staring at my office building. I felt strongly in my heart to go attend to his need which I did, dropping everything I was attending to urgently.
When I caught up to him, I asked him where he was going so I could push him he told me he was going to a place where they might give him food. I decided to take him to a restaurant to eat very good food, we chatted and I made sure I told him God sent me to attend to his need, then I lead him to Christ.
I didn’t even know about the 10 second rule till I shared this story with a man who I hold in high esteem, Mr John Hulet. But I’m glad I can share this here to.


Clare said...

WOW! I’m really proud of you and I’m sure God is as well.
Like you, many people have been living by “The Rule” whether they knew it or not, every time they were kind to a stranger because they love Jesus.


Caleb J. said...

Hi Clare,

First, I’d just like to tell you what a blessing your book and ministry have been to me. More than anything, I’ve been encouraged and convicted to set my heart on things above, rather than on temporal things that don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. 

I have a question that I’ve been thinking about for a few days and was hoping you’d be able to offer some insight. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). More specifically, I’ve been researching Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA and the teachings of his Bethel School of Ministry. Bill Johnson and Bethel teach, as it relates to hearing the Holy Spirit, that we must “fail in order to learn to hear the voice of God”. In a nutshell, this means that we must act on any premonition, feeling, thought or prophesy that we think may be the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we will get it right and sometimes we won’t.

This formula seems to go against what the Bible teaches concerning the leading of the Spirit and prophetic words, as we are not told to “guess” what the Spirit may or may not be telling us to do. The Bible does however tell us to test the spirits. 

My thinking is, if I feel (I use that word loosely) that the Spirit is prompting me to do something, I should first make sure that it does not contradict the word of God. If there is no contradiction then it’s fair game, which means that the Bible necessarily speaks to that prompting (specifically or in general). If this is the case, am I not simply following what the Bible says and not a direct prompting from the Holy Spirit?

In my mind, it’s never a bad idea to do good, share the gospel or serve someone in some way, whether or not I think the Spirit is speaking to me.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this.

God bless you,

– Caleb Johnson


Clare said...

Caleb, what great questions!
I’ve not heard about the New Apostolic Reformation, so I wouldn’t want to pass judgement on them. However, my book on pages 38-47 addresses the difference between “just obeying the Bible” and getting an impression to do something that isn’t specifically commanded in the Bible, but “feels” like something Jesus would do.
Obviously, it’s highly unlikely the Holy Spirit would command us to do something prohibited in scripture. I use the term, “highly unlikely” rather than never because God commanded Hosea to marry a prostitute, an obvious violation of the Mosaic law. However, in that case God spoke directly to Hosea, it wasn’t an “impression”
And of course it’s never a bad idea, as you say, to do good,share the gospel, or serve someone. The tricky part is that most of us meet dozens of people every day and we can’t possibly do all of those things to everyone. So we listen to the Spirit to discern “who” and “how?” And yes we won’t always get it right, but we will get it right more often if we live by the Rule.
I said recently that I know I can never “surrender all”, but the Rule helps me surrender, more!


Lucy said...

I read the ten second rule whilst on holiday after being loaned it by my parents. Since then I’ve tried ‘listening’ out for opportunities. So far, I have given away a cheque for a large sum of money for someone (event though I really didn’t want to give it!) and I have also given out cookies to some neighbours who aren’t very friendly. In all of this, I just feel a quiet prompting from God. Like you say, it’s not that he speaks audibly to me but I feel that ‘nudge’ or ‘inner voice’ to do something. I am not perfect though as he did tell me once to stop and tell this woman how much he loves her….but I chickened out! I was so cross with myself as know it’s all to do I with my pride! Thankfully I can rely on this verse in those times:- “Great is His faithfulness, His mercies begin afresh every morning.” Lamentations 3:23. In all of this, the greatest witness is to be unbelieving husband who I am praying salvation for.


Clare said...

Lucy, I love reading stories of ordinary Christians, just stepping out of their comfort and “Just doing it!” for God. Bless you!


Prudence Baldwin said...

All of my adult life I have been a natural 10 Second Rule follower but some seasons are definitely better than others. I am reading “The 10-Second Rule” and daily for the past week have been trying to follow it. Some success and some failures. My greatest success didn’t have to do with a kindness or stopping before I sinned. I was stopped at a red light when I sensed that I should not go when the light turned green. I obeyed. When the light turned green two cars ran the red light. The second was a SmartCar that I likely would have hit and severely injured if not killed the driver. I was filled with joy at the life God had saved.


Clare said...

Prudence, obviously it gets a little less clear about what the will of God is the further you get from biblical teaching. But, yes, I do believe God, or perhaps angels move us to action for our physical safety as well as moral safety.

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