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The 10 Second Rule Rubber Wristband
These brightly colored wristbands will remind you and your whole family to "Do the Rule!" and provide a great way to engage people in conversation about following Jesus.

Two Sizes: Adult and Child.

Available: Adult | Child | Packages of 25

Price: $2.00 each.
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Leading Your Church to be as Gay Friendly as the Bible Teaches
By Clare De Graaf and Laurie Krieg

The Small Group Edition of Leading Your Church to be as Gay-Friendly as the Bible Teaches is a six lesson discussion guide for small groups. It was written to introduce church members to a biblically conservative but more gracious approach to understanding the experience, language, and theology of LGBT men and women.

This guide, with discussion questions for each chapter, goes beyond doctrinal statements of what the Bible teaches on this subject.  Christians who complete the six weeks will feel far more comfortable having thoughtful, biblical, and grace-filled discussions with their friends, neighbors, children, and LGBT men and women. 

Our response to homosexuality and same-sex marriage will be the debate in the Church, for the next decade.  It will split churches, families and friends unless Christ's followers find a fresh approach to address these challenges and opportunities.  Church leaders have a choice to be either reactive or proactive on these issues. Many Christians are waiting for more help and direction from their pastors. Are they hearing these responses from your church?

How to Purchase
The Small Group Edition is not yet available in print form. However, you can pay for and download one master copy now, which gives your church, or small group the right to print, or photocopy as many copies as you’ve purchased and paid for.

Click here for a sample lesson

Price: $3.00 each

Discovering Your Life's Purpose Workbook
by Clare De Graaf

If a man (or woman) doesn’t know what harbor they’re headed for, no harbor is the right harbor.
Lucius Seneca

As a Christian you know you’re going to heaven. But until then – in this life, do you know what you really want and do you have a written plan to get there? When you get to the end of your days and look back will you have lived a life both you and God will be proud of – a life of true significance?

The Discovering Your Life’s Purpose (DYLP), a workbook of more than 35 pages, will help guide you through this important process in these six steps:

Step One: Spend a retreat day in solitude and personal planning.
Solitude is the experience of spending time alone with God to pray reflect, appreciate, and plan your life at its deepest personal and spiritual level. It’s a time for remembering the most important things in life and making critical choices to make sure that lesser things don’t rob of us of the best things.

Step Two: Write your personal mission statement.
Your personal mission statement will answer the fundamental question, “When you get to the end of your life and look back, what would define for God and yourself a life worth living?” It’s the very reason for your existence and will become the foundation for your future priorities and plans.

Step Three: Develop your Life Goals.
Life Goals are mini-mission statements, drawn from your personal mission statement, which defines your aspirations for six specific, major areas of most people’s lives: Spiritual, spouse, children, vocation and finances, friends and extended family and physical and mental wellness.

Step Four: Set your one year goals.
Your Life Goals describe your overall aspirations for specific relationships and accomplishments. Your one year objectives express, in measurable terms, the specific goals you want to achieve over the next twelve months to move you closer to accomplishing your Life Goals.

Step Five: Set your quarterly, or 90 day goals.
When you’ve set and successfully completed your quarterly goals, you’ll be just that much closer to achieving your one year objectives. Just think if you set and achieved only six objectives every 90 days, you will have accomplished twenty-four by year end! That’s progress!

Step Six: Accountability.
Empowering another person (or several) to be your accountability partner(s) will dramatically improve the likelihood of you successfully accomplishing your life goals and your mission.

When you’ve finished these six steps, you’ll actually have a written plan for your life and a blueprint – a plan to get there. Perhaps for the first time in a long time you’re going to feel you are in the center of God’s will and it will feel fantastic! Please don’t put off until tomorrow what you know you ought to do today. Invest a few dollars and a few hours with God actually discovering your life’s purpose!

Available: PDF Download | Full-Color Print Out in Binder | Case of 10 Binders

Download a copy right now for only $19.95ea, or order a beautiful, four color 35 page workbook in a three ring binder for just $39.95ea. Order a case of 10 (only $29.50 per workbook) for $295.00. Shipping is free. (View Sample)
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Accountability: Partners and Groups
by Clare De Graaf

Why Accountability?

To whom you are accountable spiritually?

Of course, we’re accountable to God and most Christians have a Bible study group or Christian friends we hang out with. But, I’m talking about something completely different. Do you have a flesh and blood person to whom you’ve made yourself accountable – someone who you’ve empowered to ask you the tough questions that will inspire you to live out the mission God has prepared for you in this life?

I do! I have five men, and my wife has four women who are committed to helping each of us grow spiritually, relationally, emotionally and even physically. These are the men who watch my life and my back. They pray for me, encourage me when I need it, and speak truth to me even when I’d prefer not to hear it. They’re my accountability partners, my friends, and my brothers in Christ.

For almost 20 years, I’ve personally helped hundreds of men and women begin accountability groups. In this easy to follow guide, I lead you through all of the steps you’ll want to take to make these groups into one of the most important elements to your personal and spiritual growth you’ll ever have!

We’ll cover everything from:
- How do you choose good accountability partners?
- What do accountability groups do?
- How do they organize themselves?
- How often do they meet and where?
- What are some potential pitfalls and how can I avoid them?
- What are the long and short term benefits?

This guide is essentially a map for you and your potential accountability partners to follow to begin to develop relationships so deep and rich, your only regret will be having not done this years ago.

So, if you’ve ever thought about accountability groups, but just didn’t know how to begin – your excuse is over. Why not purchase a copy for yourself today? This very well may be the best investment of $2.95 you’ve ever made.

Available: PDF Download | Full-Color Print Out

Download a copy right now for only $9.95ea, or order full-color sets, without a binder for just $16.95ea. For 25 sets or more, contact our office for special pricing for groups or churches.
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Spiritual Mentoring
by Clare De Graaf

I’ve been a mentor to over 50 men for the last 25 years or more and I’ve had several spiritual mentors myself. So, I know what it takes to make a mentoring relationship work well for both the mentor and the protégé. A good spiritual mentor will guide you with the wisdom that comes from God and from his/her life experience. It’s an amazing blessing for both the mentor and protégé and I can’t wait to get you started.

I’ve written this guide to help both the mentor and the protégé understand:
- What a healthy mentoring relationship looks like.
- How to find and approach a potential mentor.
- How to be a mentor and find a protégé.
- How to begin meeting without any commitments to see if you’re a good fit for one another.
- How and when to end a relationship with grace.

In this wonderful guide I give pages of questions you can ask each other, topics you’ll want to explore together and boundaries to establish to manage expectations.

If you’ve been putting off exploring being a mentor or finding one because you just haven't known where to start, purchase and download a copy of this guide. I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.

Available: PDF Download | Full-Color Print Out

Download a copy right now for only $9.95ea, or order full-color sets, without a binder for just $16.95ea. For 25 sets or more, contact our office for special pricing for groups or churches.
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