Welcome to my blog. I spend half my life in coffee shops having honest conversations about how following Jesus works in real life. So, let’s learn together, grab a cup and – join the conversation.

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I’m a businessman, elder in one of the more conservative mega churches in Grand Rapids, Michigan and for over 25 years a full time spiritual mentor of men. I love introducing people to Jesus and truth from God’s perspective. I’m also an NPR listener and student of our culture because I want to understand how the world and a younger generation think, so I’m prepared to engage in conversations which are true to the Bible, intellectually honest and gracious.

Following Jesus is the only hope I have of living this life with purpose, energy and expectation. I hope to end my days on earth still meeting young men at Starbucks who have no interest in God, being the patriarch of my family, cheering them on to godliness, making sad people smile and the lonely – laugh, giving the poor hope, pointing wayward men back to their families, teaching the whole counsel of God and keeping myself unstained – God’s reputation and mine intact.

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Welcome to my blog.
I spend half my life in coffee shops having honest conversations about how following Jesus works in real life. So, let’s learn together, grab a cup and join the conversation.

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Most Christians Don’t Have a Sabbath Anymore!
Posted by Clare
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There was a time in my lifetime that Christians observed Sabbath Day, a day of rest and worship – no work. It felt a little legalistic and boring, but it was a day different from all others and we knew why – we were Christians!

Oh, we still have Sundays, and most Christians still worship on it, but very few Christians still have a day of rest – mental, spiritual, physical and emotional rest. (More about that later)

It’s interesting to note that when God established the Sabbath, he did not require his people to do anything on it except not work. No where in scripture does it say “thou shalt go to church or synagogue on the Sabbath.” As an elder, deeply committed to the church, I believe worship on Sunday with others who love God as I do, is one of the joys of being a believer, but it’s not a “thus sayth the Lord” issue. God never even commanded Israel to pray or meditate on him on the Sabbath. Nothing. Rest only.

Why a day of rest?
God doesn’t entirely explain why he established a day of rest. Of course God rested on the seventh day of creation, but he doesn’t tell us why he wants us to rest. So, here’s what most theologians believe.

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Will You Have the Lord’s Favor in 2018?
Posted by Clare
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There are essentially three kinds of Christians:

Carnal Christians: These are people who believe themselves to be Christians, who are still slaves to sin. They don’t just struggle with day-to-day sin like we all do. They’ve given into serious sins and have come to the conclusion doing much better is either too much work, or unnecessary. Many are in the 1 Corinthians 6 camp and may not be saved in the end.

Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

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What If There Is No God?
Posted by Clare
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I’ve been asked these questions many times, “Clare, what if you’re wrong? What if, after death there is nothing – no heaven, no hell? Think of all the pleasures you’ve denied yourself and the money you gave away to evangelize others, wasted? Or even worse Clare, that there is an after-life but it’s not your God who is in charge, but Allah and you end up in Allah’s version of hell for following a false God?”

Have you ever had questions like that yourself? I don’t know a Christian who hasn’t had some fleeting doubts about God. So, here is how I generally respond when asked these types of questions:

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A New Year’s Resolution, That Will Literally Change Your Life
Posted by Clare

I run into very few men who memorize scripture anymore. It’s just a whole lot easier to open your phone and find whatever verse you need. Here’s the problem with that idea; you and I don’t always know what wisdom from God we need as we move through life. So store some up this year!

Downloading Wisdom
Information technology people have a saying, “Garbage in – Garbage out”. That means you can’t expect good results from bad input. The inverse is also true. Good in – Good out. This principle holds true in the Christian life as well.

The “remind you” ministry of the Holy Spirit is one I find fascinating. Like a spiritual Google search, the Holy Spirit brings to mind truth we’ve read or memorized from scripture and actually helps interpret those truths for our use in real life circumstances. But, for that to work we first have to download biblical truth into our minds and hearts.

Therefore, I’ve chosen twelve verses or passages of scripture I’d recommend every Christian memorize this year, or at the very least, meditate on deeply and often. I’ve also selected some of the most important historical creeds and prayers every Christian ought to know and teach to their children. In some cases, I’ve noted why I selected these verses.

At the end of this blog, I’ll be asking you to weigh in with other verses you believe every Christian should know as well. But, here are mine!

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