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  • Chip Ingram
  • Ed Dobson
  • Dick DeVos
  • Betty Huizenga
  • John Ortberg
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  • David Green
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This is what others are saying about

The 10 Second Rule…

“Rarely does a book jolt me into immediate action. The 10 Second Rule did just that. After laying the book down I kneeled down and recommitted myself to “doing the next thing Jesus asks me to do.” This book will wreak all kinds of good havoc in all who read it.”

Bill Hybels
Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church
Chairman of the Board of the Willow Creek Association

“With unblinking transparency, Clare De Graaf says…what most of us secretly know about ourselves, which often keeps us from living the life God blesses. Living by the Rule is the way forward! 10 seconds can change your life.”

John Ortberg
Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Menlo Park, CA
Author, The Me I Want to Be

“We are Jesus’ sheep and we follow His voice, right? It sounds easy, but in our frenetic, fast-paced culture, other voices clamor constantly for our attention. Clare De Graaf, in his handy, excellent little resource, helps turn down the noise so we can listen, really listen to the Savior’s direction… and follow! I highly recommend this small book filled with big impact!” –

Joni Eareckson Tada
Founder/CEO Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“I’ve known Clare De Graaf for more than 20 years now. He is a great example of the transition from success (CEO of an industry leading company) to significance (25 years of mentoring men). The 10 Second Rule is a simple yet profound practice that could change your whole point of view on life. It works.”

Bob Buford
Founder, Leadership Network
Author, Halftime, Finishing Well and My Never Ending Blog (

“Life is full of opportunities to do good things… the things Jesus prompts us to do. Unfortunately, His promptings can quickly vanish in the fast pace of life. My friend Clare De Graaf has given us an easy-to-grasp and memorable formula for building a life that consistently puts the will and wisdom of Jesus into action. This book is a game-changer!”

Joe Stowell
President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“This book is catalytic! If you long for something brief, simple, motivational, biblically sound and easy to understand – to move you from good intentions to transformational living, read this book. I loved it and highly recommend it.”

Chip Ingram, President and Teaching Pastor, Living on the Edge
Author, The Genius of Generosity

“I believe you will enjoy and be impacted by Clare’s “The 10 Second Rule” book. I hope not to miss as many Jesus moments in the future.”

David Green
Founder & C.E.O., Hobby Lobby Stores

“This author has been my guide and counsel for more than forty years, so I can testify that most of what he says about himself is true, with the following exceptions: he claims to be just a normal guy, when in fact he is probably the most extraordinary person I know. Furthermore, he confesses the sin of pride, but in fact I know him to be obedient to the Holy Spirit even when that obedience might humiliate him. This book is tangible evidence that the man who wrote the 10 Second Rule practices it himself, for it is only by Clare’s obedience and God’s provision that you are holding this book in your hand. May every reader be as blessed by this book as I have been by the God who conceived it and the man who penned it.”

(Dad, of course I don’t expect this to be published, I wrote it because I felt an impression to do so. I am more proud of you than you’ll ever, ever know.)

Jennifer Tendero
Stockbridge Boiler Room Ministry

The 10 Second Rule is a brilliant concept and takes the Lordship of Christ in day-to-day living from principle to practice. I have known and worked with Clare De Graaf and can verify that descriptions of how the Lord has used him are authentic. He’s the real thing!”

John Guest
Evangelist, Pastor Emeritus, Christ Church at Grove Farm, Sewickley, PA

“I’ve known Clare for over twenty years. He’s a passionate and devoted Jesus follower. This book is simple yet profound and anyone who is interested in obeying Jesus will benefit.”

Edward Dobson
Pastor Emeritus of Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Ephesians 2:10 tells us, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do the work that He has prepared in advance for us to do.” In his book, The 10 Second Rule, Clare encourages us to become so familiar with the voice of the Spirit of God, so in tune with His call, that we hasten to listen and obey. This has been Clare’s lifestyle for many years as he mentors other men and sees many of them grow in Christ.”

Betty Huizenga
Founder, Apples of Gold Ministries

The 10 Second Rule encourages a steady faithfulness. This is not a book about instantaneous results but a reminder that our character is forged by daily obedience in the relatively small things. Clare has served as a faithful, one-on-one mentor, and now – through his book – his instincts and insights will be greatly multiplied.”

Jeff Manion
Senior Teaching Pastor of Ada Bible Church
Author of “The Land Between

“I love The 10 Second Rule! Clare not only lives this principle in his own life, he has done a great job of communicating what it is all about in this honest, compelling and easy-to-read book. My hope and prayer is that many Christians will read this book and begin putting the 10-Second Rule into practice.”

Jim Samra
Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“I’ve always believed life is about choices. In America we are arguably confronted with more choices than anywhere else in the world. A great challenge in life for all of us is discerning the wisest thing to do in any given moment. My experience has been on those occasions in life I have immediately known what God wanted me to do but sometimes didn’t obey Him, it got more difficult with each passing second to ultimately do what He wanted me to do. I believe applying Clare’s idea of “The 10 Second Rule” will serve to enable each of us to more consistently end up doing “the next thing we are reasonably certain Jesus wants us to do”.

Todd Peterson
NFL Placekicker, 1993-2005
Chairman of the Board of Directors: The Seed Company/Pro Athletes Outreach

“Clare writes with a fresh honesty that is challenging us to think anew about what God wants us to do when confronted with certain opportunities and temptations. Read the book through. We expect you, too, will find yourself yearning to participate in an adventure you might otherwise never have dreamed about.”

John & Sarita Holzmann
Co-Founders, Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.

“This book can be life changing for those with the courage to take a step of faith. After reading The 10 Second Rule on vacation, Rita and I arrived at the airport for our flight home, and there was a woman with four little ones, trying to juggle a baby and get snacks for the other three. The nudge in my heart was to offer her a hand, which I have regrettably not always paid attention to… (10 Seconds).

To my surprise, she immediately accepted, sending me off to her table with pretzels and crackers, and thanked me warmly, but… An hour later in the terminal she spotted Rita and me near our gate and gave me the biggest and warmest thank you again for helping her. Such a simple step… May the Lord get the glory.”

Roy Peterson
President/CEO, The Seed Company
And former President of Wycliffe Bible Translators

“I have known Clare for over 40 years, and have been an accountability partner of his for the last 15. Clare’s heart for God and for people is undeniable. The life he lives and perspective he shares has challenged and changed me. This book will challenge and change the way you engage with the world, I promise!”

Dick DeVos
Former president of Amway
Author of the bestselling book, Rediscovering American Values