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The Danger of Too Much Group Bible Study
Posted by Clare

You probably think I chose the title of this blog just to jar you into reading it. That’s partly true. I did. But I do think there is a danger of too much Bible study.

Not to long ago, I met with a wonderful Christian couple. They attended a Bible study at their church on Sunday mornings. In addition, they both attended Bible Study Fellowship, a wonderful ministry that scores of Christians I admire have attended. The woman also attended a Tuesday morning women’s study at their church. And they had been doing that for years.

Here’s what alarmed me. When I asked them what their ministry was – how they were serving the kingdom, aside from the man ushering at his church and his wife serving a local pro-life ministry a few hours a month, they responded that they were in all these Bible Studies. That was it. In my opinion they were spending far more time studying the Bible than actually living it out in service.


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Have You Sued For Peace?
Posted by Clare

My last two blogs have been about Satan and how he tempts us to disobey God.  And when we think of disobedience it is generally around the area of sin.  We are tempted to do something wrong, then at the point decision, we choose to either do it, or not do it.

However, there is another area of sin we don’t often consider, of far more importance to the Kingdom of God.  Counting the cost of truly following Jesus, and finding the price simply too high.   In this passage of Scripture, Jesus instructs those who claim they want to follow him, to consider carefully the cost.


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The Devil Made Me Do It!
Posted by Clare

In the seventies, Flip Wilson, a well-known comedian, had a popular weekly TV show. One regular feature was a skit in which Flip was the fiery preacher Reverend LeRoy, constantly warning his congregation about the devil’s plans to lead ‘em all straight to hell. Just when he had worked himself up to his self-righteous best, he would let it slip that he himself had committed the very sin he had been warning them about. Caught in his own hypocrisy, he always offered only one excuse, the one the TV audience just knew was coming: “The devil made me do it!”

We all laughed, of course, because each of us saw ourselves in his silly skits. We’re all looking for a devil to blame.


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Is There Really a “Deep State?”
Posted by Clare

There’s been a lot of talk for years by the President and some Republicans about dangers posed by the “Deep State.” The Deep State supposedly is a semi-secret, powerful group within the government, determined to undermine the Republican agenda. No one knows exactly who these people are because, of course, they are so deeply embedded into our government. In any case, these “enemies” are either really good at keeping their meetings secret, or they are the boogie man. I’ll leave that up to you. Nevertheless, all Christians ought to believe in a Deep State.

Well then, just what is this other Deep State that Christians should believe in and understand much better? Satan, his demons and the incredible influence they have in the world – our world.

I’m shocked at how little most younger Christians actually know about Satan and his methods. To many he’s just a metaphor for evil. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming your children, grandchildren, or the people you mentor have a healthy fear of Satan and his demons. So, gather them around and read and discuss this blog.


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