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The Dangers of Claiming Promises, God Never Made to You
Posted by Clare
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A few years back, I met with a man considering a new job in California, moving there with his family. While the job and the move sounded exciting to him, something he said set off alarm bells in my spirit.

When I asked him questions about the affordability of housing, schools for his children and his wife’s thoughts on the move, he dismissed most of them with this statement.

“I’m just going by faith, like Abraham and his family. God brought him to a new country and prospered. We’re going to just trust God to do the same for us.”

My reply startled him. “But did God specifically tell you to go to California? Did he promise you, that if you went, he’d cause you to prosper with the kind of clarity he gave Abraham?” Obviously, he admitted God had not. Then made this observation; “There are some things you should never trust God for.” “Like what?” he asked with real skepticism.


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Six Mistakes Many Straight Christians Make When Talking About Homosexuality, that “Date” Them
Posted by Clare
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I’m 71 and “old school.” I’m proud of that in some ways, like having a good work ethic, being courteous and loyal, my love for God and having trust in the Bible. But being old school has its downsides. Until five years ago, I didn’t realize how archaic both my language and ideas were regarding homosexuality and LGBT+ people.

I love hanging out with college and post-college young people, including our own grandchildren. I do that every week to either introduce them to the gospel or to help shape their worldview. So, five years ago, when I was having conversations about LGBT people and with LGBT people, I had to unlearn some old school ideas and learn some new ones if I was going to be relevant, event to our own grandchildren. So here is what I learned from my good friend and co-worker Dr. Preston Sprinkle.


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Is Christianity Good for the World?
Posted by Clare
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In May, my son Tyler and I headed off to Washington to attend an event sponsored by the Colson Center. The topic for the conference to consider was “Is Christianity Good for the World?” “Of course it is!” is what we Christians say. But John Stonestreet, the president of the Colson Center said that many non-Christians are no longer asking if Christianity is true, but if it’s even good.

I found this article from helpful as I meet with younger Christian and non-Christians some of whom are wrestling with this idea as well.


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The Times They Are A-Changin
Posted by Clare

In 1964, Bob Dylan wrote this powerful and prophetic warning to parents in a song:

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land.
Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.
Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.
Your old world is rapidly aging.
So please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand.
For the times, they are a-changin

I just read Gen Z by Barna Research. It’s a short, but frightening guide book to this new world our teens are living in – what they believe and what they no longer believe.  

But why in the world would a 71-year-old guy read it?


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