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Planning the Divorce of Your Denomination
Posted by Clare
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A year ago, I met with the presidents of two well known denominational seminaries. I was introducing them to the ministry of The Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender, The Center’s ministry is educating pastors and their people to be more kind and understanding of LGBT+ people and their families, while still holding the Bible’s historical teaching of marriage and sex.

Each of the denominations these seminaries represent had a number of churches who were affirming. That is they believe the Bible allows same-sex marriage. The lines were being drawn, with churches were being encouraged to join with one camp or another and these seminary presidents could see trouble coming. Their question for me was, “How can we reconcile these two opposing views in our denomination?” My answer surprised them.


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Fake It Until You Make It
Posted by Clare

When I was in 10th grade, I was an odd kid. My parents were simple, blue-collar people while I dreamt of being rich, so I hung out at places where rich people hung out. I’d go to restaurants in our downtown area and watched how successful men dressed, how they entered the room, how they greeted their friends, looked them in the eye, and even how they handled a knife and fork.

I began to dress differently. I wore long sleeve cotton shirts rolled up at the sleeve, in the heat of summer instead of t-shirts like all my friends. I dressed like the Kennedy’s at Hyannis Port. I was an early incarnation of Richey Rich (but without the money!).

The point was to “fake it until I made it.” In doing so, I became more self-confident. I began to believe I could attain that for which I so desperately longed.

I did something similar when I first came to faith.


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Fasting 2.0!
Posted by Clare

Almost no Christians I know fasts anymore. Oh, maybe at Lent, or on a special occasion for decision-making. Fasting is out of vogue.

And one reason might be that although Jesus encouraged it, and instructed us how to fast in Matthew 6, he gave no grave warnings if Christians didn’t. His disciples were even criticized for not fasting and Jesus defended them. So, it sometimes feels like an optional command or good suggestion. But God, through Isaiah did command a radical type of fast that is anything but optional.


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The “Other” 10 Second Rule
Posted by Clare

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The following is a blog written by Rob Parsons, an author and blogger at

The ten-second rule – preventing the affair
Over the years, I’ve talked with many men and women who have been involved in affairs. One of the most salutary things is to realize that with many of them, they didn’t intend to be unfaithful to their partners. They sometimes blurt out, “It just happened.” They will normally go on to talk about some innocent event in which they were involved (often a genuine desire to help the other person in some way), and then go on to say, “It suddenly got out of hand.”

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