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Moving Beyond the Weather
Posted by Clare
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Tonight is New Years Eve and tomorrow, more food, drinks and perhaps watching sports. And of course, the conversations with family and friends, some of whom you know well and enjoy and others – well, not so much.

If you believe you are Jesus’ surrogate – his stand-in in this life, and in your family, there are conversations he wants you to have tonight and tomorrow that go beyond talking about the weather. (or sports, politics, etc.) So how might Christians better prepare themselves for these redemptive relationship opportunities?

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What Gift Does Jesus Want From You This Christmas?
Posted by Clare
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That Christmas is a season of giving gifts, goes without saying. But have you ever asked yourself or others this question;

What gift does Jesus want from me (or you) this Christmas?

The first thing that popped into my mind was an automatic and trivial response like, “He wants my heart, or my gratitude.” Sure. Of course he does. “But Clare, think about that for just five minutes. You can do better than that,” the Holy Spirit impressed on me. We spend hours choosing presents for family and close friends. (Well, maybe guys don’t. But we should!) So, how about dedicating just a half hour of time alone with God today, to answer that question. Let me frame my question above, differently.

If Jesus was sitting right in front of you and you asked him, “What would you like from me for Christmas?,” what kinds of things might he suggest? (more…)

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In God We Trust – Really?
Posted by Clare
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The other day, I heard a Christian radio talk show host repeat our national motto, “In God we trust.” She said it as if it were true. I only wish.

I think God would be shocked to think that our nation, or even a majority of our nation, truly believes that. But before you begin thinking I’m some kind of closet liberal or that this may be true of all the non-Christians in America, but not of evangelicals, think again. I believe most people who call themselves evangelicals don’t actually live out, “In God we trust.”

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I Only Believe in Capital Punishment, The Way God Does
Posted by Clare
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A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion with some young Christians who said they didn’t believe in the death penalty. “But do you believe God believes in the death penalty?” I asked.

Well, there was some debate on that. They thought God did believe in it, but Jesus didn’t largely because of the story of the woman caught in adultery. “I’m not sure how to take that.” I said, “I always thought Jesus was God, don’t you? Do you think the Son and the Father have a disagreement over this issue?” They weren’t ready to go there, so of course they wanted to know what I thought.

I don’t believe in the death penalty as it’s enforced in the U.S. currently. But, I actually believe in the death penalty, if we applied it with the safeguards God provided. And here’s why;

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