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Talking to Your Millennial Children or Grandchildren About the Gospel
Posted by Clare
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Over the last dozen or so years, I’ve met with many millennial young men who grew up in the church. Here’s the good news. Almost none have rejected Jesus. The bad news? Almost all are indifferent about the Bible and the Church. So, what do I do with that? Where do I start?

I have a simple rule to keep in mind when I begin working with non-Christians, or indifferent Christians.

Live the gospel and explain the gospel.

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If You Love Your Children or Grandchildren, You’ll Need to Love LGBT+ People Better
Posted by Clare
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Believe this: Many younger Christians are making how we treat LGBT+ people, the litmus test of whether they want anything to do with the church.

In the last few years, I’ve been doing a lot of speaking to pastors and church leaders as the chairman and CEO of The Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender. Our mission is to help Christians and churches love LGBT+ people better from the church’s historical understanding of sexuality and marriage.

Some pastors and lay people believe all they need is the correct doctrine and holding true to that will guard their church from going liberal or soft on LGBT people. Praise God, that attitude is changing. Here’s how I put both the problem and the solution to them (and to any parent or grandparent).

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The Parable of the “Shrewd Manager” 2.0
Posted by Clare
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The parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16 has confused many Christians because Jesus seems to be admiring how a rouge manager, cheated his master. Of course Jesus would never encourage dishonesty, but I have to admit being confused by my 1.0 understanding of this story for many years myself. So let’s dissect this story and see if we can find the real meaning in this parable.

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Are You Getting All the Salvation You Can?
Posted by Clare
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My question, “Are you getting all the salvation you can?,” is a question few Christians have ever asked themselves. Why?

Because the assumption is that a person is either saved or not saved. You either “have” your salvation or you don’t. It’s one and done. Well, not exactly.

I’ll first address the most obvious exception to that rule, then I’ll get to how you – as a Christian may not be getting all the salvation available to you.

There are non-Christians who the Holy Spirit is moving toward salvation. They don’t have it yet, but are getting it. It took me six months, 40 years ago, to investigate the claims of the Bible before I decided I wanted to pledge my highest allegiance to Jesus Christ. I was on a six-month spiritual journey that ended in my being saved. I got phase I of my salvation – my sins were forgiven, I was born-again and I became a child of God. Well then, what is Phase II?

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