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Topic #4: Not All Homosexuals are Alike
Posted by Clare
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A few years ago, I began attending a series of lectures at a local Christian college on the general topic of homosexuality. The presenters ranged from non-Christians who couldn’t imagine Jesus ever condemning homosexuality, to serious Christians who believed the Bible required them to be celibate. After the lectures, I asked a few of the audience members who I assumed were gay, based on the questions they’d asked, if they’d have a cup of coffee with me. I told them I didn’t want to argue the issues with them, I just wanted to hear their story growing up gay, what their families reaction was when they “came out” and how their church treated them. I left troubled and sad.

Not all homosexuals are alike, but we Christians treat them as if they are.
One of the mistakes we heterosexual Christians make, is lumping all gays into one category. They (we) assume all gays are sexually promiscuous, live a gay lifestyle, are proud to be gay and if they claim to be Christians, have simply dismissed the clear teachings of the Bible against same-sex.

But, not all homosexuals are alike.

And the reason it’s important to understand that, is because our attitude and approach, and that of our churches must be different with each group. I’ve found it helpful to think of homosexuals in these general categories.

  • Non-Christians
  • Christians who have felt same sex attraction, all their life
  • Christians who did not always think of themselves as “gay,” but fell into a same sex relationship(s).
  • Christians who believe they must be celibate and gay marriage is not an option for them.
  • Christians who believe the Bible allows, same sex, but loving, life-long, monogamous relationships – married or not.

So, let’s discuss how we might approach each group.

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Topic #3: “Why Not Let Homosexuals Marry?”
Posted by Clare
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With the legalization of same sex marriage on June 26, 2015, by the Supreme Court, you might think this blog is irrelevant. However, just because gay marriage is now the law of the land, doesn’t change the reasons why Christians should discourage it and be able to explain to our children why we do. Abortion was legalized almost half a century ago, but serious Christians still oppose it and try to discourage it. 

I’ve heard it asked many times, “Why do you Christians care what goes on behind closed doors, between two consenting adults? Who cares? Why not let gays marry?”

The idea behind this argument is that if our objection is sex outside of marriage, then let’s solve it by allowing homosexuals to marry. If homosexuals marry, the moral objection to same-sex, sex goes away, just as it does when heterosexuals marry. Problem solved!

First, a few Talking Points on what the Bible says on this subject for your children, then we’ll cover some of the ways this issue will affect your life and their life, in ways you might never have imagined. They need to know this is not simply a matter of what goes on behind closed doors!

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