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Six Important Questions Every Wife Should Ask About Estate Planning and Retirement
Posted by Clare
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It still surprises me how often good, Christian, married men die, unexpectedly, and their wives have to scramble desperately to figure out what financial shape they’re in. It’s not that their husbands were trying to hide anything. But, either they never really sat down to discuss these matters, or the husband simply didn’t plan well. It may also be that a will signed 15 years ago, never really got updated and now there’s problem, or a big tax bill.

So, here are some questions every wife should ask of their husbands (and husbands ought to ask themselves.)


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Have You Had a Family Meeting on Inheritance Issues?
Posted by Clare
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Twice in the last 15 years, we’ve held family meetings to discuss inheritance and we’re about to have our third.  As an advisor and spiritual mentor, I’ve seen first-hand, the devastation poor communication with grown children, can cause over inheritance issues. Our children still may not like every decision, but at least Susan and I are committed to full disclosure and getting input from  our children.

Most Christian parents avoid telling about their inheritance plans, because “it’s none of their business.” But, it will be their business once you die and the hurt of surprises found in so many wills, often destroys all the goodwill and joy an inheritance ought to bring. Wise parents will leave behind wise and informed children.

So, the following letter, except for changes in the financial data or personal information, was sent to our children, in preparation for one of our family meetings on inheritance.

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Topic #6: 7 Things You Can Do to Help Your Church Get Ahead of the Curve on LGBT Issues
Posted by Clare
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“Even for those Christians who agree that homosexual practice is contrary to the will of God, there is very little agreement on how we ought to speak about it being contrary to the will of God or how the church speaks to this issue.” (Kevin DeYoung)

So here are seven ideas for you to bring to the leadership of your church, to speak confidently, boldly, biblically and with grace. We need to move from being reactive, to being biblical thought leaders on the subject of homosexuality.

1.  Urge your leadership to write a Statement on Human Sexuality.

This statement should be more than a statement about what your church believes. It should include a blueprint for how your church desires to respond to LGBT Christians and the greater LGBT community. (Some of those ideas I’m proposing in the balance of this blog.) Here is a link to the official Statement on Human Sexuality by the Evangelical Free Church of America, that I really like. (

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Topic #5: Teaching Your Children to Think Biblically and Respond Wisely
Posted by Clare
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One of the real dangers of being parents today, is that you never really know all the ideas your children are being exposed to. This is especially true in the area of sex – especially homosexuality! Most Children don’t just come home from school and start conversations about homosexuality around the dinner table! Perhaps they suspect you’ll get angry if they appear to agree with some things they’ve heard.

However, with the Supreme Courts ruling, it affords parents and grandparents a great opportunity to get these issues out in the open. Below, are a number of questions or ideas student are, or will be encountering in the classroom and cafeteria. You can start these conversations by asking a question. “In light of the Supreme Court ruling, perhaps we should talk about…” Or “Have you ever heard someone at school say…” and then rephrase some of the questions and ideas I’ve stated below, which I’ve actually gotten from parents.

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