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Topic #2: Arguments Gay Christians Use to Justify Their Choices Biblically
Posted by Clare
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With last weeks decision by the Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage, you may feel like giving up. It’s over! Yes, that legal issue has been decided, but morally and biblicaly, nothing has changed. It may be more important than ever that every Christian and every church understand the “biblical” arguments being put forth by the gay Christian community, because most of them sound reasonable, if you accept their faulty premise. So let’s begin examining a few.

Even gay Christian leaders admit there are no passages in scripture that encourage, celebrate, or support same-sex, sex, unlike the many verses that encourage and support, heterosexual sex in marriage. All mention of homosexual behavior in the Bible is referred to in the negative and is condemned. So how is it we can be reading the same Bible as homosexual Christians and come to completely opposite conclusions?

Almost every gay Christian man I’ve met with, refers to the verses I covered in the Talking Points Introduction as “unclear” or “taken out of historical context.” They want desperately to believe that, and the leaders of major gay and lesbian Christian ministries have done a good job of spinning each proof text to mean something other than what Christians for nearly 2,000 years have always understood them to say.

If you have the time, this is the link to a position statement written by Justin Lee, the executive director of the Gay Christian Network. ( It is an excellent example of how, some gay Christian leaders treat these texts and have thereby provided a “theological foundation” for dismissing the biblical prohibition against same-sex, sex. The following are some of those arguments. (Much of what follows has been edited from an article by Wayne Grudem, in World Magazine, except where my explanations are added.

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Topic #1: 5 Things We Know the Bible Says with Clarity About Sexuality, Marriage and Sin
Posted by Clare
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(If you’ve not read the Talking Points Series Introduction, posted on June 22, 2015, please read that first or this blog my not make much sense (

What does the Bible teach? Five key “Talking Points”

1.  Humans were created with specific intent
One of the central tenants of the Christian faith, is the idea that humans were created to be and to live a certain way, God’s created intent. This includes who we were meant “to be” and what we were meant “to do” sexually. And he declared what he created “good.”

Therefore, the standards of what is right or wrong, or normal or abnormal, are set by God, according to his intention, and not what humans feel are normal or abnormal. (Read Genesis 1:26-2:24).

2.  God’s original intention for human sexuality was to be fulfilled within monogamous and heterosexual, marriage.
When Jesus asked about divorce he gave this straightforward answer straight from quotes out of Genesis; monogamous (“what God joined together, let not man separate.) Heterosexual (“He…. made them male and female.”) Matthew 19:4-6. Marriage (“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”) Anything other than God’s intent is sin.

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An Introduction to the Series
Posted by Clare
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Who needs one more blog on homosexuality? Perhaps you do. But let’s find out.

How comfortable do you feel talking to your teenagers, adult children or grandchildren, on this subject and answering their questions?

You may be like most spiritually mature, Bible-believing evangelicals, who know what they believe on the basic issue of homosexuality and gay marriage, but don’t feel confident enough to actually initiate a conversation on them. And anyone who’s spent any time around younger Christians will tell you they are ready to accept same sex attraction and marriage as a fact of life. So, we have our work cut out for us!

This topic, more than any other today, threatens the church. Oddly enough, the major issue isn’t really homosexuality itself. It’s the authority of the Bible. If some Christians can dismiss some of the clearest teachings in all of scripture on this topic, and thereby it’s authority to govern and guide our daily lives, what’s next, pre-marital sex, adultery? What else have we gotten wrong all these years? It’s the confidence believers have had for 2,000, in God- breathed truth that’s ultimately at stake! So don’t fall for the’ “Let’s just agree to disagree, and move on” option being offered. We cannot afford to be reactionary and defensive. You, we, need to be the thought leaders in our families, with our friends and in our church.

This Talking Points Series is intended to provide you with a few of the most important ideas and truths on this subject, to give you the confidence to begin initiating those conversations – talking points. More importantly, by teaching them, it will equip your children with thoughtful, biblical ideas to counter the misinformation they are being exposed to.

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Gays and Scouting
Posted by Clare
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I was a Boy Scout for over 12 years. I eventually became a Scoutmaster. One of the most influential men in my life was my amazing scoutmaster, Dale. Dale was also a homosexual.

We didn’t know Dale was gay at the time. He was a former Marine, married with three children, who selflessly gave of himself at every turn for his scouts. Every boy in the troop admired and respected him. And to the best of our knowledge he never violated the trust of either the boys, our parents or the church that sponsored our troop.

Nevertheless, I agree with the current position of the Boy Scouts of America, that homosexuals should not serve as scoutmasters and here’s why.

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