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Playing King of the Mountain with God
Posted by Clare
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I’m willing to bet, you and I have something in common. Many days it feels like I’m playing king of the mountain with Jesus.

The words King and Lord rolled off my tongue so effortlessly in worship, prayer and with other Christians. But in practice, in the simple everyday things of life, I often act like I’m co-king at least. Of course I want his glory to be made known and his will be done “on earth as it is in heaven” – and mine as well, far too often.

I truly do love God. I’m eternally grateful to him and long for his friendship and wisdom. He’s my Savior and the Creator of the Universe, for heaven’s sake! I need him. So, I’d never actually think of tossing him off “my mountain.” But, I often live as though I preferred he stay on his side – close enough for me to call when needed. I often act as though he was the one who I preferred stayed in the cleft – just out of eyesight, while I grazed fat on his grace. Based on my behavior some days, I must think there’s room enough at the top for both of us.

He doesn’t.

Now, tell me we have nothing in common.

If that’s true of you as well, occasionally, why is it we’d even dare play this deadly game with God in the first place? (I’ll get to that later.)

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Why Church Membership?
Posted by Clare
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Where in the Bible are we commanded to be members of, or to join a local church?

This question came from a 30’s something guy who had grown up in the church, but obviously didn’t see the point of formal membership for himself. He’s not alone! There are lots of younger Christians who just don’t see the point in becoming a church member. It may be because they change churches every 6-8 years, depending on the pastor or the student ministries programs available, or they just haven’t found the right church yet. Perhaps you’re one of these Christians, or your adult child is.

But here’s the great irony. People who don’t value church membership, still want “their church” to teach their children in Sunday School, provide inspiring worship every Sunday, to marry their children, bury their loved one and provide counseling when their marriage or family is in trouble. They expect these services be provided, by people who are actually committed to the church, without bothering to be committed themselves.

Here’s the way I approach the “why join” question.

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“On Our Mission Trip, 132 People Got Saved!” (And Other Preposterous Evangelistic Claims)
Posted by Clare
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Not a week passes, that I don’t hear reports on Christian radio, in church, or in a ministry newsletter about how many people “got saved” or “gave their lives to Christ” at some evangelistic meeting somewhere.

At best, those claims are made because that’s just the way we speak in the evangelical world. At worst it’s a falsehood. Personally, I believe it’s the former. Church and missions groups have used this language so long that they don’t even think about what a preposterous and presumptuous claim they’re making.

Every single person who came forward, or signed a card, or raised their hand in response to the gospel being preached, was actually, truly, born again? Really?

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Do You Dare Pray the “Other” Lord’s Prayer?
Posted by Clare
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Last week as I re-read the story of Jesus arrest, crucifixion and resurrection in preparation for Good Friday and Easter, I was struck by Jesus prayer in the Garden, as recorded in Matthew.

Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, ‘My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.’” Matthew 26:39

Most of us have been praying the original Lord’s Prayer so long, to our shame we barely even think about the words. So perhaps this year we ought to commit ourselves to praying this other Lord’s prayer.

Not my will. But may your will be done. (My paraphrase)

Peter had the same problem you and I have. He had a will of his own. And while at some level he wanted to do God’s will, he apparently wanted his own will done as well. So, after Jesus’ resurrection, he had breakfast with Peter beside the Sea of Galilee.

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