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Unaccompanied, Illegal Child Immigrants: What Would Jesus Do?
Posted by Clare
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I was recently asked by a small group I was teaching, if the Bible had anything to say that would be helpful to understand how Christians should respond to the mass immigration of illegal children along our southern border.

Just in case you’ve been out of the loop, or are not a U.S. citizen here’s the issue; Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children (under 18 and as young as 6) are making their way to the U.S. from a number of Central American countries, specifically Honduras and Guatemala.  These are violent countries where parents fear for their children’s lives.  San Pedro Sula, Honduras has the highest murder rate of any city in the world.  So, parents are sending their children north, all alone, with the hope of living safely in the U.S. with relatives already here.  The trip is so dangerous, it’s estimated that only 60% ever arrive at the U.S. border, the rest give up, die, are kidnapped, sold into slavery into or the sex trade.

Technically, the majority of children entering the U.S. are not orphans – they have parents.  But, from the time they leave their parents, they are some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. It also needs to be said that both the parents and their children know what they are doing is illegal.  But parents are so desperate for the safety of their children; they’re willing to risk everything!  Still, without their parent’s protection, I believe the Bible requires us to treat these children as both orphans and aliens.

So, how should Christians respond and are there practical, biblical ways to address this issue?

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The New and Extra-Biblical “We Will Serve the Lord!”
Posted by Clare
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Joshua once said, what many of us have declared for our families, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15b  But Joshua had something completely different in mind than most Christians do when they use the phrase “serve the Lord.”

Have you ever thought what Joshua and the average Israelite actually did in the course of their week to serve the Lord?  In Joshua’s day there was no synagogue worship on the Sabbath, so no Sunday school classes to teach, no parking lot attendance, or choir practice or missions committee meeting to attend.  There were no para-church ministries to volunteer for, or give money to and yet they served the Lord.

How did they do that and what are we missing?

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Why Should Christians Care What Others Do “Behind Closed Doors?”
Posted by Clare
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Last fall I attended a conference on human sexuality at a local Christian college.  I spent several hours after the lectures meeting with several gay Christians or those who were in support of same sex relationships and marriage.  Some of the heterosexual newcomers to this subject kept coming back to this question:

Why should Christians care what gays do behind closed doors?  If it’s a sin – it’s their sin. In any case, doesn’t affect you!

If you’ve heard that argument yourself, here’s why gay marriage and a gay lifestyle does matter to the rest of us!

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I’m a Christian! (and other false claims made by “Christian cults”)
Posted by Clare
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A few months ago, I met with a great young man, bright and articulate, who introduced himself as a Christian.  But, 10 minutes into the conversation, I found out he was a Mormon.  So we talked about that.  He insisted Mormons were Christians, so I asked him just one question, “Do you believe Jesus Christ has always been and is today the Son of God, a member of the trinity?

“We believe Jesus is a great prophet and became God through his obedience, we revere his teachings in our church,” he answered.  “I know that,” I said, “but one of the central tenants of historical orthodox Christianity is that Jesus is and always has been one with God the Father and Holy Spirit.  To not believe that, is to be outside of the Christian faith.  That’s why we consider Mormonism a Christian cult.  It embraces many Christian beliefs, but rejects Jesus as an eternal being.  That’s a deal killer for Christians!”

He continued to insist he was a Christian, because I believe to do so adds legitimacy to Mormonism.  So, lets examine some of the key issues that separate “Christian Cults,” from true, historical Christianity. I’ll end with two questions you can ask anyone in a cult who claims to be a Christian.

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