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Are You Sending Mixed Messages?
Posted by Clare
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If this question were asked of your children, ages 14-19, what do you think their answer would be?

What do you believe your mother and father most expect of you, personal achievement – excellence in school or sports, or that you are kind and you care for others?  (you can pick only one) 

In a national survey of 10,000 middle and high school students conducted by Harvard University, 80% of students said their parents value success over character.  (

Not my kids!
I’ll bet your first reaction was like mine. “Not my kids!  I’m sure they would think doing good and being good is more important to Susan and me than hard work and achievement!”

Our children are 10-25 years out of school, so I guess I’ll never know.  But if you have children or grandchildren in this age group, please consider these insightful observations and recommendations by the surveyors. (The Christian comments and suggestions are mine.)

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Changing Sides (The Story of Salvation)
Posted by Clare
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I’ve been meeting with a gifted athlete and student, not yet a believer.  He was raised in the church, so he knows the storyline, but he’s not yet committed his life to Jesus and he knows it.  The good news is, like many young people, he finds Jesus compelling and wants to believe, but is wary of religious Christianity.

Perhaps you too, have a son, or daughter, or grandchild who believes Jesus is the son of God and has an interest in being more like him, but just doesn’t know what it means to step over the line and follow him.

The following is a presentation I’ve used of what it means to leave your old life and commit yourself to another life and lifestyle.  Please cut me some slack.  This isn’t a presentation of the gospel but once a person has been presented with the basic facts of the gospel story, what does it mean to “commit your life to Jesus Christ?”

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What House Rules Should Apply to Children Who Are Home From College?
Posted by Clare
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For 17-18 years your children have lived under your roof and hopefully have lived by the rules of your family.  Then, they head off to college with all the freedom in the world (even at Christian colleges).  When they come back for breaks or the holidays, what then?  What household or family rules now apply?

Healthy parents want their children to learn to live independently.  However, when they return home, we often treat them as the children we raised, rather than the adults they are becoming.

Even if you’re a long way from that time of life or your past it and are empty-nesters yourself, read this blog and if you agree, forward it to a friend or relative about to face these decisions.

Unfortunately, the Bible gives very little specific directions about these issues.  The following are ideas my wife, Susan and I learned by painful trial and error after raising six college students of our own.

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Another Great Question Every Christian Should Ask Themselves
Posted by Clare
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Another Great Question

There’s a little book someone put me on to entitled, True Friendship, by Vaughan Roberts.  There’s a question he asks in it that reminded me of a question I used to ask myself but haven’t recently;

If you were the devil, where would you attack yourself?

It’s been a long time since I’ve asked myself that question.  So, my first question to myself was, “Is one of Satan’s plans for attacking me, to get me to stop asking that question?”  I think the answer was “yes.”

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