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Is it Wise to Encourage Your Kids to Attend College Right out of High School?
Posted by Clare
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Several years ago, I went to lunch with a man whose son was finishing Christian high school in six months. I know their son. He’s bright, mature, and loves God – a natural born leader.

But, his parents were alarmed because he announced he didn’t want to go to college immediately after graduation. He wanted to take a year off and either work, or serve in a ministry. While his parents were proud that he wanted to give himself to ministry or work to save up some money, they were afraid he might decide never to go to college. Clare, what should we do? So, I told him our story. (more…)

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Who was Jesus, Before He was Jesus?
Posted by Clare
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Yes, you read that right! What was the nature of the second member of the trinity before he was the God/Man Jesus? (By the way, only we Christians, not the Bible call him “the second member of the Trinity”.)

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but it’s important we remember that the God-part of Jesus pre-existed his putting on of flesh as the Incarnate Jesus. Because he was and is God, Jesus the Spirit is eternal and pre-existed everything. So, what was he like back then? That raises all kinds of questions for me:

  • At the time of creation, or even before that, did Jesus call The Father, his father? Of course, when Mary conceived, Jesus’ father was God, but was he the father of the pre-incarnate Jesus? 
  • When Jesus was in the womb, was he thinking God-like thoughts? Was he still communicating with the Father and Holy Spirit? Was he planning his ministry from the womb and thinking adult, mature, all-knowing thoughts or were his brain functions and thoughts much like most babies in the womb? 
  • After Jesus’ birth, as an infant, when he laid in the cradle, or was held by Mary, was he fully aware of his Godness? Did he know his mother’s every thought, what the weather was going to be tomorrow, the name of the Emperor, or think about the cross in his future? Or was he just a “normal baby,” thinking baby thoughts, growing in wisdom and understanding until his appointed time and public ministry? (more…)
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“I just don’t care!”
Posted by Clare
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If you’ve heard, “I just don’t care” from your kids about things you think Christians really ought to care about deeply, you’re not alone.

A few months ago, I was having dinner with a few great kids – students at a local Christian college. We were talking about the homosexuality issue, which I blogged on last week. At the end of our extensive discussion, one of the young men said, “I just don’t care – it’s just not a big deal to me, one way or another.” Sound familiar?

So, I asked him this question. “Based on what we read in the Bible, do you think God cares one way or another about this issue?” “Yeh, I think he doesn’t like the idea of anyone having sex outside of marriage”, he replied. “Again, based on the Bible do you think he feels strongly about it, or just has a preference?” I asked. “He apparently feels strongly about it,” he answered honestly.

“Well, if you claim to be a follower of Jesus, then whatever is important to God, must become important to you! His worldview must become your worldview, whether you personally agree with it or not. If you’re not prepared to make that one of the supreme goals of your life, you may want to re-think whether or not, you’re a true Christian.” He was shocked, so I went on to explain. (more…)

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Q&A from Readers on Homosexuality
Posted by Clare
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The following are questions or comments I’ve received as a result of my Monday blog, or from those who’ve previewed it, or covering issues too long for that blog. In case you’ve always wondered what Christian homosexuals use to justify their postion, the last half of this blog is a wonderful article by theologian Wayne Grudem which does just that, and answers them.

Q.  You wrote that you consider born again, celibate homosexuals your brothers and sisters in Christ. What about born-again homosexuals who read the Bible differently and believe the Bible allows them to marry and live in committed, monogamous relationships and/or marriage? Are they your brothers and sisters in Christ also?

A.  “Or do you not know that wrong-doers will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” I Cor. 6:9-10 NIV 2011

The Christian gay/lesbian community has a different interpretation of what the Bible considers a sin in same-sex, sexual activities. I’ll explore some of their interpretations toward the end of this blog.

The historical interpretation of this passage says anyone who calls themselves a believer, but has given themselves over to one of these sins – that is, they have given up calling it a sin and have surrendered themselves to it, and embraced drunkenness, greed, fornication and yes, homosexual sex, as a lifestyle, will not enter the kingdom of God.

This passage does not teach that alcoholics or those who’ve had an adulterous affair, or who are homosexuals, are lost spiritually if they confess their behavior as sin, and ask God’s forgiveness. Even if they “fall off the wagon” and sin again, but by the power of the Holy Spirit repent and try to resist sinning again, they will enter the “kingdom of God”. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Q.  So, then Clare where does that leave non-celibate Christian homosexuals, spiritually? (more…)

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