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Eleven Significant Events that Changed Christianity Since 100 AD
Posted by Clare
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Earlier this year, our family went on Spring Break. All 21 of us! But, it wasn’t all vacation. I decided to begin teaching our 14 grandchildren (or at least 7 of the “olders” ages 8-15) eleven events that changed Christianity. It’s what our grandchildren call “Papa School”.


I wanted to give them a brief history of historical Christianity from the New Testament to the 60’s. I also wanted them to know the major events, people and movements that have shaped the Christian faith and the church.

My second goal was to shore up their confidence about the Bible. I wanted them to know how we got it and who determined which writings should be in our Bible. It’s been my experience if a Christian does not have confidence and conviction about the Bible, he or she will never live under its authority.

So, here are, what in my estimation, are the eleven significant events that changed Christianity since 100 A.D.

You can either read, or download each teaching.

1. The Early Church – Christianity on Fire

2. The Conversion of Constantine and the Council of Nicea (325)

3. The Books for a New Testament

4. Augustine and Systematic Theology

5. The Holy Roman Empire (500-1500 AD)

6. Forerunners of the Reformation and the Invention of the Printing Press (1440)

7. The Reformation 

8. John Calvin and Other Reformers

9. The Age of Reason and Revival (1600 – 1800)

10. John Cary and the Modern Missions Movements (1880)

11. Liberalism, Fundamentalism and the Growth of Evangelicalism  (more…)

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Context: The Key to True Understanding
Posted by Clare
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Last week, I took five of our older grandchildren (ages 13-16) to dinner to discuss communism, socialism, and the democratic/free market system and what Jesus might think of each. After teaching for about five minutes, one of our grandchildren asked a question.

I don’t remember the question, but I asked a question of my own, that got instant laughs from everyone. “Do you want the short answer or the long answer?” They all laughed because everyone in our family knows they’re always going to get the long answer from me. Why?

Because short answers, without context will rarely lead to real understanding.

To illustrate the importance of context, I told them this humorous story before I went any further. (more…)

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